Saturday, July 9, 2011

Since I've been back in America (most pictures in one post)....

I had a great hamburger with fries in Texas...
I got to visit with all my pet family.
I watered and planted with my brother at my Granny's house in Colorado.
I started embroidering badges to wear at the final Harry Potter movie.
Took a picture of a random dog.
Ate a brownie sundae. 
Watched fringe fireworks.
Went to a creepy deserted carnival. 

I took a picture of an old picture of my Granny & Grandad.
Granny loves angels.
A restaurant. 
My brother playing at open mic night. 
A nauticool pizza place. 


Cherry Biscuit said...

I am so glad you are back!!!!

stephanie joy said...

Well welcome back! Pretty sure I love you gardening in that outfit, pretty sure I need one of those patches.

jendar said...

welcome back to america. btw, your brother looks like my brother. I am convinced that you and I are somehow related and someday we will found out how.

Sarah said...

I think I need a badge. I might have to copy your idea. Those are genius.

PS Since I'm too lazy to post a comment on your other posts, I loved those photos of that bar you guys found!! It looks so cozy!

mina said...

I love your striped dress. (Sorry for the comment spam, I'm really behind on my google reader these days).

the brundages said...

Girl love the badges. With a baby I can't look at blogs as often. Have to catch up in one day!