Monday, February 7, 2011

The Invisible Man

On Saturday we watched The Invisible Man at a theater that plays old movies. Have you ever seen it? It is so funny. I laughed so much. The chemicals that make the man invisible make him go mad. He steals bikes, de-pantses people, throws stolen money from the bank on the street, bashes a cop's head,derails a train carrying a hundred people, and flips over a baby in a stroller. The Invisible Man is a murderer and it's so funny. It's a must-see!
Our tickets/ a fresh coat of red paint makes me happy.
The cafe at the theater.
a storefront


stephanie joy said...

oh oh oh there's too much to love about this post to not pop up and say hello! i love this post!

Amy Beatty said...


Erin Jane said...

haha! murder is so weird. funny though. cool. anyway, want to tell me what your four favorite books are so I can blog about it? you introduced me to one of my all time favorites: the little prince. If I don't hear back from you by tomorrow I will just blog about that. thanks.

jendar said...

I love la filmoteca. such a beautifuk theatre. although when I went, I watched the most horrible italian film ever made. it was bad. but at least i got to sit down in such a beautiful space.