Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I think you loved me that night.

 Moroccan malasadas (that's what i'm calling them), more memorable than a camel ride. Fried donuts dabbed with honey,dipped in sugar and served hot off the pan by Moroccan James Franco (you can't tell, but it looked just like him). *upon further research, I think these most resemble sufaniyots, but they are probably sfenjs. They tasted just like malasadas. 


mina said...

you didn't take a picture of the moroccan james franco? i think you should go back immediately and do so.

Rachel said...

I took 3, but none of them really turned out. He is the one in the striped shirt.

the brundages said...

Those look so yummy... Now I'm craving the malasadas in hawaii. my favorite place was the place in kaneohe in the mall parking lot.