Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tippy is old fashioned.

My overweight veterinarian told me that my cat needed to lose a few pounds. She weighs eleven pounds, but is built small so I suppose you would think she was a little tubby. We started feeding her less than half a cup of dry food a day. One day I fed her in the morning and by the afternoon her bowl was empty. David saw that it was empty and thought I hadn't fed her, so he gave her more food. By midnight her bowl was empty again. Now I just laugh at my cat. She really is fat and happy.  Tippy is just like the cats in these two paintings.  Compagnie Francaise by Theopile Alexandre Steinlen and Julie Manet also known as L'enfant au chat by Renoir.


a mermaid said...

i love me a fat cat

mrs. everything said...

Remember my friend Lisa? Her one-eyed cat Pumpkin got two fat and then he got some kind of liver disease because of it and almost died! Get that Tippy on a diet.

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