Thursday, July 1, 2010


My brother lives in an old mill with very high ceilings and cement floors.  We went to a pool party, had cat photo shoots with Mephistopheles, played Risk (on xbox) all night, and went to physical therapy. (photos taken with a supersampler. I accidentally exposed part of the film)


the brundages said...

I love Lomography! I've been saving up to get the Diana F+. Let's get together soon!

a mermaid said...

i have a lomo- which always reminds me of homo. i have some old film (not cool, vintage old, just like two christmases ago old) that i need to use already, but i like the exposed look. i think i want to put some in the car over the summer and some... somewhere else weird (cool) and see what happens!

Caroline said...

I used to live in Georgia, but I did not live in an old mill. I see now the error of my ways.