Monday, June 28, 2010

Menis Daimon

Remember my brother (Brent) who was in a motorcycle accident? He started a blog! Please go over to his blog and follow him/leave comments! A Captain, lover of cats and dogs, and a zombie enthusiast, I guarantee you will love his blog.


a mermaid said...

well-written, but typical review for someone of his age, lifestyle...etc. and i am a woman in a happy marriage (fyi) and i liked it cuz it was just fun and i'm lame and sappy like that so suck on that run-on sentence brother of my friend. :)

Menis Daimon said...
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Menis Daimon said...

Why did you write this on my sister's thing? I can take criticism. I honestly feel bad when I upset people. If you are friends with my sister you probably are cool. I generalized about the wives in an unhappy marriage as a joke. Do you see how that might be a funny generalization? I'm sorry that you happened to fit in that group, but please don't take it seriously.

No one is perfect. I haven't been able to write full prose for a long, long time. I'd like to get better at reducing things like the run-on sentences. If you ever read my blog again and see something blatantly wrong or maybe even slightly wrong, send me an email about it if you feel like it. (Run on? I'm insecure now). If I read your blog, I could do the same. I just want to get better at editing. We could be informal edit buddies.

Menis Daimon said...

And Rachel, thank you for telling your friends about my blog. I love you and miss you.

a mermaid said...

Holy mother I just wrote a long comment to brother of friend and it was deleted when I went to submit it! Grrr, it said something like this: OH no brother! I wrote that comment on sisters blog cuz we're sassy like that and I didn't actually want to criticize you because I thought your review was funny and I was speaking of how MY comment was a long run-on sentence (I obviously deal in run-ons hehe) and not to worry about editing on your blog cuz I never do cuz I'm reeeaaallll like that (read: lazy!).

whew. I hope that covered all the foot-in-mouthedness.

I like you blog. CARRY ON dear brother!

ps dear rachel- there was something for you in that long lost comment too about following people on blogs and how I think you can do it by looking at their profile, but I am not sure and so maybe just put me in your google reader cuz you are for sure in mine!!!

a mermaid said...

yeah!!! this one published!