Saturday, April 10, 2010

daniel faraday

Also, I am taking a class about John Milton's Paradise Lost.  Each week I get so excited, because what we learn about in Paradise Lost is so much like LOST. And it isn't just me, two other girls are obssessed so much that our teacher is letting us write a collaborative paper about LOST and Paradise Lost. Did anyone else hear in last week's episode that Penny's last name is Milton?!


r o y a l said...

I am very interested to see the results of this paper.
Is Paradise Lost a confusing read (sort of like Dante's Inferno)? Or is it easy like juvenile lit? ;)

rachel said...

Paradise Lost is a very confusing read, like Inferno. It helps to relate everything to Lost.

Jendar said...

that is one of my favorite books. as a matter of fact, i also took a class on the book and one of our projects was to create a short play on one of the book's sections. i played satan in the play.