Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Yesterday at Target I bought the perfect sugar cookies and they were shaped like pumpkins. I'm a chocolate chip cookie person, but these make me want to be a sugar cookie person. They come from Gianna's Handmade Baked Goods and they make vegan cookies too. A girl in line looked at the food I was buying and said "Your food is so fun!!! You are fun! You are going to have a fun week!" p.s. happy 9-9-9!


Stephanie J. Robertson said...

oh love them and love that they are vegan and delicious! you are fun. i hope you have a fun week. :)

Anna K. said...

Ha, I love the lady in the line and her prophetic statement. She was right! You are fun!

jasmine said...

haha! that's so cool that the lady in line talked to you and said awesome things! :) and those cookies are so cute!